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Anonymous: hahah, awh thanks hun (: but idk... but what really annoys me is every single person I talk to ask me what's going on between us two. He just says we are going out and hugs me! hah! Like today, we were walking out and I was mad at him for something stupid and he came over to me and stood behind me, holding both my hands and had his head on my shoulder and when he left, all the girls came over I me and asked me about him! but I don't like saying that I hate people saying that if u no wat I mean?

yeah, i know what you mean!

do you want to go out with him? it seems like he likes you, but he could just be one of those guys that flirts with everyone but is still nice?

- arielle xoxox

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Anonymous: today, at lunch, this girl that likes him (his ex) came over to us but he didnt talk to her for long... He sat down and told me to sit next to him. We sat together for the whole lunch just hugging basically... haha.

its seems like he likes you more than he likes her, so i reckon your in!

aww, thats so cute! im jelous!

- arielle xoxo

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Anonymous: okay thanks x all our friends say how cute we would be and even his sister said we should go out! Haha! But we are best friends so I don't really know what to do? I don't want to tell him cause it could ruin how close we are..

so just start a conversation with him on facebook and then say; ‘this is random but the other day someone told me we would look good together’

and then you guys can just talk about it and stuff and hopefully it turns out well :)

and if he likes you, then tell him you like him

- arielle xoxoxo

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Anonymous: the guy I like is really close to me and he recently told me he likes my exbestfriend, also his exgirlfriend... and they have been getting kinda closeI told him I don't think they should go back out and he half agreed but he really does like her and to me it looks as if she doesn't even care about him which really hurts me. I don't know what to do like he isn't allowed to have a girlfriend but I still think. What if?

okay, so i know exactly how you feel! even if he does end up with her, it won’t last! because she doesnt care about him. if you want him to like you, the best thing to do is just be yourself around him, if your close with him could you tell him you like him? just sort of hint to him that people think you guys would be cute together and gradually bring the topic up :) let me know what happens!

- arielle xoxox 

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Anonymous: I need some help!

tell us all about it! we are here to help (: xo

- arielle xo

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Anonymous: alright, so he wasnt able to meet up friday so i havent seen him yet. but ispoke to him today and he told me he wanted to take me on a date and that he liked me. i like him too i think, but i didnt tell him and now i feel like ive ruined our friendship. im scared to go on a date with him because im such an awkward person ! i really dont know what to do now :/ xoxo

well it isn’t too late to mention something to him! like i’ve been saying, don’t think of it as a date just as friends hanging out. besides i’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you were awkward and such, he knows you and he likes you for you. take a chance and go on the date with him :) it might just go really good and could be perfect! maybe when you go on the date, if you decided to go, then you’ll see how you really feel for him. you did ruin your relationship, don’t worry :) let me know what you decide! and sorry if this is a late reply

xoxo marie

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Anonymous: oh my god, your actuallyso beautiful! thankyou thankyou thankyou xoxoxo

aw you’re so sweet! :) you’re beautiful too! when you feel like it, you definitely come off anon so we can chat x

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